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Imagine bifolding doors

Upvc Bifolding Doors

Open your world and give yourself space to live.

Imagine a garden party where you could relax in the comfort of your favourite armchair and still feel part of the fun. Imagine a gentle summer breeze carrying the scent of freshly cut grass into your home. At AWC we pride ourselves on going beyound the simple definition of 'indoors' and 'outdoors' thinking our way past walls and windows to imagine a space that is the very best of both. 

Our range of Imagine Bi-Folding Doors is designed to fully open up your room to the garden, creating an entirely new living space that is neither 'in' nor 'out', but that combines the best attributes of the two. Imagine Bi-Folding Doors not only fill your home with a sense of light and space, but bring a new dimension of style, improving both the environment of your room and more importantly - the way you feel within it. 

A door as safe as houses.

The Imagine Bi - Folding Door has been meticulously designed to make it one of most secure systems around. Its carefully engineered features offer smooth operation, shutting and locking. Again, these doors offer the very besy of both worlds - good looks combined with the ultimate in security to keep your home safe, sound and stylish.

Designed to meet the stringent security requirements of British Standard PAS 24, The range's multi-locking system is extremely advanced. The range is also approved by the highly respected police security initiative 'Secured by Design' which is managed by the Association of the Chief Police Officers. This is a highly coveted award only given to those products which have been designed to a level of security which 'designs out crime'.

Deeper lock depths and a choice of three different thresholds combine to make Imagine Bi-Fold Doors extremely secure. Using a combination of locks - espags and shootbolts - and a larger lock gap, the whole system could not make your home more protected.